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Private Dog Training Classes

Abby Kennels - Boston Private Dog Training Classess

Abby Kennels Private Dog Training Classes

In our private classes, we offer one-on-one-attention with dogs who have specific needs that owners want to address. The resulting services are specific and personally-tailored to your dog. These classes are also great for owners who want to get into service dog or protection dog training, adding another layer to obedience and behavior management.

Our private classes build on basic and advanced techniques, with a focus on ensuring your dog is able to behave well in public settings such as outdoor cafes and events. We’ll teach them how to sit quietly next to you until needed, allowing them to accompany you wherever dogs are allowed.

There are many benefits to private dog training, such as:

  • Personalized attention: Ask questions and address issues that pertain solely to your dog and his or her needs, with no waiting for others in a group setting.
  • Homework and supporting materials are customized for your dog.
  • You can expand the scope of training services as needed, addressing specific problem areas for your dog (i.e., difficulty behaving around children at the park or becoming easily distracted at the local coffee shop).
  • Your dog will build trust with his or her handler thanks to one-on-one attention.

Our private classes are led by dog trainer and Abby Kennels manager Mary Farren. Get the personalized attention your dog craves with our private classes. Sign up now or come take a tour! If you would prefer group classes, we offer basic and advanced training in group settings as well.


28 Gorham St
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