Greater Boston Basic Training For Dogs

Simple Obedience Commands and Behavior Management in Lowell Area

Our Chelmsford-based facility offers basic training for dogs of all breeds. 

Group Basic Dog Training Services

Abby Kennels - Boston Puppy Training Services

Abby Kennels Puppy Training Services

Performed in a group setting, our basic training services can address your dog’s unique temperament, as well as your personal needs and daily lifestyle with your companion. Manager Mary Farren specializes in dog training throughout the Merrimack Valley, Southern New Hampshire, and Boston, and has 30 years of experience. Our Chelmsford facility is located on five acres of land where your dog can safely learn anything from security and protection to behavior modification.

In these classes, we work on off-leash training and commands so dogs can start being more comfortable away from their handlers for longer durations. We teach them not to jump or lunge, as well as provide coping mechanisms for separation anxiety – something many dogs struggle with. To that end, we also work with your dog’s veterinarian to prescribe medication for this type of anxiety if needed.

Hallmarks of a Well-Trained Dog

Dog training is critical in allowing your dog to be a more active and involved member of your family and community. In short, a well-trained dog is a happy dog! Gone are the days of having to leave your dog at home while your family goes on an adventure. Now you can take them with you! The more well behaved your dog is, the more opportunities become available to you to enjoy your dog, and this will make them happy as well.

A well-trained dog can walk politely down the streets of a busy city, relax by your side at an outdoor cafe, or hike through the woods off leash. Can your dog do these things? Some people acquire a dog to be a protector of their family. In that case, a well-trained dog can be a security system that travels with you as your personal companion and protector.

Our basic training program in Boston covers:

  • Obedience commands
  • Behavior modifications
  • Socialization
  • Off leash commands
  • Separation anxiety
  • Good manners
  • Home security and protection dog training
  • Competition training

If your dog is basically trained in housebreaking and simple commands, basic training will further strengthen that foundation to reinforce those skills so they can move on to the next level of interaction and socialization.

Come tour Abby Kennels, a clean, newly renovated facility located on five acres of land in Chelmsford. Ask about our puppy training and advanced dog training group classes as well. To round out our services, we also offer dog boarding and grooming, day care and dogs for sale.


28 Gorham St
Chelmsford, MA 01824


Phone: 978.454.8718

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