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Our advanced training services are performed in a group setting, with a focus on learning off-leash dog training skills. With our help and guidance, you will be able to maintain control of your dog off leash at a safe distance with little to no dependence on shock collars. Dog trainer Mary Farren and her team specialize in positive reinforcement dog training methods.

Our advanced classes are designed for dogs who have already mastered basic training skills. At the completion of our program, your dog will be ready to enter the community and interact safely with others in a public setting. The goal is to ensure your dog is better behaved so he or she can integrate well with other dogs and humans. We want you to build trust and obedience with your furry friend!

Our advanced training program is offered at our Chelmsford facility that spans five acres, serving all of the Merrimack Valley, Southern New Hampshire and Boston.

  • In these classes, we work on off-leash training and commands so dogs can start being more comfortable away from their handlers for longer durations.
  • We teach them not to jump or lunge, as well as provide coping mechanisms for separation anxiety – something many dogs struggle with.
  • We also work with your dog’s veterinarian to prescribe medication for this type of anxiety if needed.
  • We build on all the skills learned in basic training, such as good manners, recall, boundary training and behavior management.

Sign up for our advanced training classes today, or check out our beginner classes or private classes if that’s more your speed. Here at Abby Kennels, we also offer dog boarding and grooming, day care and dogs for sale.


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