• Advanced Training

  • At ABBY KENNELS, we specialize in customizing a specific training program for you and your dog based on your dog’s unique temperament, as well as your personal needs and a daily lifestyle with your companion.  Owner and Master Trainer Kevin Lanouette has been providing In-Home Training, Group Obedience Classes and Residential Training for dogs of all ages for over 23 years.

    Why a trained dog?  Because a trained dog can be much more active and involved member of your family.  A well-trained dog is a happy dog!  Gone are the days of having to leave your dog at home while your family goes on an adventure, you can take he or she with you!  The more well behaved your dog is, the more opportunities become available to you to enjoy your dog, and this will make your dog happy as well.  

    Have you ever found it to be more WORK than it is FUN to walk your dog?  We can help you, this should enjoyable, not stressful!  A well-trained dog can walk politely down the streets of a busy city, relax by your side at an outdoor cafe, or hike through the woods off leash.  Can your dog do these things?  Some people acquire a dog to be a protector of their family,  a well-trained dog can be a security system that travels with you.  A well-trained dog can lead to that picture of a family or personal companion/protector that you always imagined having. 

    We have many different programs to assist almost any budget!  As always,  we offer a 10% discount to all Military Veterans. 

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