• Testimonials

  • Have had great experiences there on several occasions. Have boarded my dog there as well as trained my dog there. Kevin is excellent

    John Kelly

  • Kevin is really great, I actually bought a puppy here and then had him help me with my dog's training. He did a great job and he really shows the dogs he cares about them. Every time my dog and I came for her training sessions she was very happy to see Kevin and I just had to say thanks Kevin you did a great job and she is an A+ dog.

    Candice Patterson

  • I have boarded my dog Morgan there many times during this past year. He is a Puggle and the beagle in him likes to howl from time to time. This past time his howling at night caused the neighbors to call and complain. Instead of calling me while I was on vacation the owner brought him up in to his home and took care of him until the scheduled pick up date. The owner could have muzzled him, put a bark collar on or something else but he treated him like his own. It is a good value, good care, and you can do all grooming as well that you is discounted while boarding. Have had nothing but good experiences there.

    Michael Clifford

  • I have to say, Kevin knows his dogs. If you are serious about training, this is hands down the best place to take your animal. Additionally, this training is not for the faint of heart, dogs are pets and need to learn that their place is to be a companion to their owner. Kevin's approach is curtailed to the demeanor of every dog, the training is never the same. He was able to work with my dog in a short amount of time and I saw positive quick results. But it doesn't stop there, Kevin works with the owners as well to provide the tools to train their dogs and keep them obedient and happy. If you are are looking for lasting results from a certified trainer, look no further, Kevin is the best in his class and his accomplishments back it up. Although he may not seem like a people person at times, although he is... he knows his dogs and the dogs he meets quickly pick up on the who the alpha is.

    Valarie K.

  • My fiancé and I were on the search for a great breeder. We searched high and low for a place to purchase a GSD. After looking online and in other nearby states we ended up finding Abby Kennels. We contacted Kevin and made an appointment to go meet our future companion. We visited the kennel. The facility was very clean and well organized. Kevin showed us around and how well his dogs were trained and we were impressed. We ended up getting a female Shepard from Abby Kennels. It didn't end there. He would contact us to make sure she was doing well and was very attentive to questions we had about her. When it's time for a new puppy we will defiantly be going the Abby kennels again. I would recommend them 100%

    Richard S.