Stag is a 2 yr old male has a solid foundation in obedience on and off leash.


Stag is a large male social, friendly good with people and children, he also has a solid foundation in protection. He is house broken and does fantastic in public. Stag can easily be a sport dog, police, service dog or just home security and a pet.

The price for Stag is $8500 plus shipping.



Jagger is house broken great in the house has a solid foundation in obedience on and off lead, he is good with children.


Jagger is also started his protection work he is very strong dog has a very strong heart and he is a large dog solid black, experienced handler, sport dog, patrol, police or home security.

The price for Jaggier is $7500 plus shipping



Gia was raised in a house with children and dogs house broken and has basic obedience, she is a medium size female with a lot of drive to do what you want she Easley can be a service dog, hose hold pet or security dog


Price for Gia is $4800 plus shipping