FCI '08 Kevin Lanouette Gismo vd Mohnweise


German Shepherd Standing at Stud in the USA



2008 masters protection

Imported from Germany! - Awesome son of World Champion
Tom van't Leefdaalhof,  half brother to 2004 World & Belgium Champion!

Dam:  Bleia v.d. Mohnwiese;
(Jargo Lindenhalle - Mink Haus Wittfeld)

2002 Bundersiegerprufung participant



V - rated Gismo v.d. Mohnwiese

Sch3, KKL1   Hips and Elbows "a" normal

2005 New England Regional Champion! 97-97-97=291

2006 & 2007

2006  AWDF top ten finnish  98-88-88 =274

2006 4th place WDA Nationals-WUSV Qualifying trail in FL. 95-92-94=283 2nd alternate USA team

6th place & High in Tracking 2006 USA North American Championship Calf. 98-96-85=279

2006 New England Regional Champion! 

High in Tracking 98-96-85=279

FH1 at SV OG Ewersbac, Germany 10/28/2006 perfect score 100 pionts

2007 - 2nd place-High German Shepherd-AWDF IPO Chamionships in Illinios. Score:97-93-89=278

2007 - 6th place-GSDCA-WDA Nationals, WUSV qualifying trial St. Louis.Score:98-91-89=279

4th Place for the USA Team-2006 FCI USA World Team Torino, Italy. Ivan Balabanov 1st Place World Champion!,

Jim Lempner & Mucke (14th) and Kevin & Gismo (41st) 

9th Place-  2007 USA North American & FH Chamionships, NC.Score:96-92-86=273

6th Place-2007 USA German Shepherd Dog Nationals, Georgia. Score:96-96-94=286

53rd Place out of 126-18th 2007 FCI Worlds Championship Belgium. Score:91-87-88=266